Maserati Kyalami 4.2

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Year built
Date Part I
November 15, 1976
Celeste Chiaro
Senape leather
VAT deductible

The story behind this collectible...

'Maserati Kyalami the end of an old and beginning of a new era'

This Maserati Kyalami 4.2 is the last coupe with the famous eight-cylinder and at the same time the first to be developed with Alejandro De Tomaso as its owner. The quirky name 'Kyalami' comes from the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in South Africa, where Maserati achieved many racing successes. 'Quirky' is perhaps the succinct summary of the car. Its characteristic Italian sharp lines, low-slung nose and severely sloping rear end make it a standout.

This Kyalami is another special specimen. Indeed, it is No. 006 of the 125 released with a 4.2 liter eight-cylinder with 265 HP. The automatic transmission is a Borg Warner unit.

The nice thing about this Maserati Kyalami is that its history is known to this day. In November 1976, this example was used for testing purposes and shortly thereafter came into the hands of Alejandro De Tomaso himself. In 1993, it left its hometown of Modena and found its way to the Netherlands to take up residence in the small country. Fair is fair, that adorns the Kyalami!

The color scheme is the beautiful Celeste Chiaro, which nicely accentuates the Italian smoothness. Combined with the Senape leather interior, we well understand De Tomasso's choice to keep this car himself.

The Kyalami occupies a prominent place within the history of Maserati. So let this example be just a little more unique than the rest. Curious about in-depth information?

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