Jaguar E-type Series 1 OTS

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Year built
Date Part I
June 30, 1967
Gun Metal Grey
Blue leather
VAT deductible

The story behind this collectible...

A Cool Classic of Cool Classics: the Jaguar E-type Series 1 4.2 OTS. Our OTS is nut and bolt restored and has been given all the upgrades that the series 1 had at the time of production. This was one of the last series 1 models.

The complete restoration is documented. Invoices present (over 83 thousand euros). Besides its excellent condition, the car still has its original gearbox and engine, making it a matching numbers. This is verifiable by the way, the car has a Jaguar Heritage Certificate.

Besides the extensive documentation, new condition and execution, this Jag comes in one of the most beautiful color combinations: Gun Metal Grey with a dark blue interior.

The E-type Series I was introduced in Europe on March 15, 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show and in the United States in April the same year at the New York Motor Show. When the car was first shown, Enzo Ferrari, called it "The most beautiful car ever made. To this day, he is right!

The car was designed as a two-seater GT coupe (FHC) and a two-seater convertible (OTS). For the first six months, all but a few E-types were built with the steering wheel on the left side, mainly for the American market. Only a few were built for the British market and those were delivered to specially selected celebrities. The rest had to wait six months.

The Series 1 received a 3.8-liter 6-in-line engine that came from the XK150S. In 1964, the displacement was increased to 4.2 liters. This upgrade gave the Series 1 4.2 a top speed of 241 mph (!).

All E-types received independent suspension and power-assisted disc brakes on all four wheels, two unusual features for the time. The 3.8L versions had leather-trimmed bucket seats, a center-mounted aluminum instrument panel, which from 1963 was done in vinyl and leather, and a four-speed manual transmission without Synchromesh in first gear.

The 4.2 versions had more comfortable seats, improved brakes, electronics and Synchromesh on first gear. Furthermore, the 4.2 Jaguar carried the 4.2 Litre emblem on the back of the trunk lid while the 3.8 simply stated Jaguar.

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