Porsche 911 996 4S

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Year built
Date Part I
March 15, 2003
Savannah Beige
VAT deductible

The story behind this collectible...

-One ride and you will understand why most rocket scientists are German. -

A model in which many goodbyes were said and many more doors were opened correctly. Welcome water cooling, aerodynamics and a completely new undertrain. 4 valves per cylinder and the biggest, lightest and of course fastest "standard" Carrera ever. A 3.4 and pretty soon after that even 3.6 liters of Stuttgart thrust. Liquid-cooled and the first 'not Ferdinand approved' 911. Will it turn over in its air-cooled heaven? We think not.

Back in 1969, Porsche was already working on very unwise, life-threatening, but mostly fun toys. For example, a 6.0 boxer was ready on the shelf for the 917, with 770 Stuttgart horses(!). However, this remained in the play-lab and never saw daylight. What they did retain from it were the turbocharger and limited slip diff. And those, they used eagerly, Greta!

The 996 Carrera 4S is well regarded by most of us as the holy grail of the "omelet" headlight generation. With its wide bum, thick slippers and all-wheel drive, you can corner shockingly hard without taking that rhododendron from the neighbor across the street. It is not only the best driving, but also the most handsome. No spoilers, but it does have Kardashian buttocks, Turbo rims and extra air vents. Pffieet Pfffieeuw!

Ours? As a first owner, pretty few had the guts to strip this color. Speed Gelb. Manual transmission. Beige interior. Just broken in, straight from a collection. As a result this one is on the endangered species list.... Once again looking for a pampered and nurturing nest. Heated under cover, if possible. Bis bald!

Was passiert, wenn man 24 Stunden lang Vollgas fährt? Nichts, wenn es ein Porsche ist.

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