Bentley Continental GTC

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Year built
Date Part I
June 13, 2013
Magnetic Silver
VAT deductible

The story behind this collectible...

The Bentley Continental GTC.

A car that has synonyms like effortless, comfortable and uhm... terribly good! Mulliner can add a few more to that; British flair, superior quality and regal. The special interior, which in our humble opinion, is composed just right. All this is finished with double stitching and genuine Sterling silver knobs on the dashboard.

Because in addition to its British roots, Bentley speaks a fair bit of German these days, the Continental is a combination of two superiors. Like any older Bentley, this Continental instantly manages to make you feel special. From before the British aristocrat. However, this Bentley, has German engineering under the hood, which makes it a very fine and reliable topless Grand Tourer. And quite economical, as it switches off four cylinders under lighter loads. And no, you don't notice any of that! When you hit the gas, they immediately wake up and quickly forget about this Greta trick!

Ours? Delivered in the Netherlands by Pon in Magnetic Silver, as Bentley itself calls it, "Both timeless and elegant." We couldn't agree more. The interior? Burnt Oak. "Hand-picked from herds that graze high above sea level in Northern Europe, all leather hides used to upholster the Continental are naturally free of the insect bites that could otherwise leave blemishes in the leather. As mentioned, the car was Dutch delivered and has remained with its first owner ever since. He registered the car in Switzerland for a while and then put it back on Dutch plates. Recently serviced and ready for the next lucky one. What more could you want? Will we see you soon?

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