Mercedes 500SL

year of construction
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Year built
Date Part I
June 1, 1992
Nautikblau Metallic
VAT deductible

The story behind this collectible...

The "sport-leicht" class. A recognizable sports model from one of the most German iconic brands in existence. The R129 was already the fourth generation SL class. This is still a car from the time when cars were conceived without the idea of earning on dealer repairs. A luxurious interior without concessions. 326HP 5-liter 8 cylinder, an amazing atmospheric block that roars like a gorilla but soars like a condor. The recognizable iconic lines of the SL-Class and its "Sacco-Bretter" hood guards.

This convertible's hallmark was "making the top a priority. A soft- and hardtop that closed German, no pin in it. Delightful as 'das Beste oder nichts' can be experienced.
This Benz was born in 1992 in the 'Heimat' and has only had two owners. The plastic was still on the trims of the hardtop when we picked up the car. The car has only run 130,000, which of course for a V8 is warming up. This is the Modellpflege 1, or pre-facelift, which at the beginning had some teething problems. With this one, all these flaws have already been fixed, so you can drive with peace of mind for years to come. With the blue on blue on beige color combination, the car is a collector's item in the making. An absolute top investment, in such condition you won't find them easily anymore. A dealer-maintained Mercedes that is already a classic. Bis bald!

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