Mercedes 280 SL

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Year built
Date Part I
August 1, 1978
Milano Brown Metallic
VAT deductible

The story behind this collectible...

You don't buy transport, you buy class and quality. - Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes SL280 R107, sporty, light, but solid luxury that only our eastern neighbors understand.
The new SL was introduced in 1971 and was a grandiose selling success from the start.
That didn't necessarily make a whole lot of sense actually.
At the time, the car was more expensive than a Ferrari 246GT Dino, and twice as expensive as the Jaguar E-type.
While the car naturally depreciated considerably at the time, it has proven to be a good investment in recent years. As a classic, we think the car is doing super well, value to moneywise.

Actually, we at the Cool Classic Club love these cars because they tick so many boxes.
Perfect 6-in-line, beautiful chrome, seventies interior design, plenty of space and super reliable engineering.
A modern driving feel while driving around in seventies icon.
This specific German-delivered R107 is exactly the way you want it.
Perfectly maintained, crown-mounted rims, with a hardtop and a very special original Blaupunkt feature.
If you then also have it in the beautifully gleaming Milano Brown Metallic with beige interior, you're all set as far as we're concerned.

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