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A view from the second floor of three Jaguar E-types.

Welcome to the Club!

A place with a unique collection of classics, flanked by art, workspaces and a delicious Italian coffee bar. Meet our team, who can tell you all about the collectibles and assist you with your questions and requests. Cool Classic Club offers two floors filled with unimaginable power of passion and horsepower. Stop by and we're sure you'll step out with a grin from ear to ear.

Cool and proprietary

Calling yourself "Cool" creates expectations, but we are only too happy to take this pressure. With great knowledge and skill, we have been working every day since 2018 to match special classics with special new owners. Whether it's a pre-war Rolls Royce from 1920, or a new classic Ferrari from 2020, a classic from Cool Classic Club is instantly recognizable!

The Classic

at Cool Classic Club

not your average classics

Enter the world of Cool Classic Club, where cars are more than just vehicles. We promise you an experience beyond the mundane, where passion for timeless beauty and craftsmanship comes alive. At Cool Classic Club, it's all about celebrating unique and extraordinary classics that made history on the road. Explore our carefully curated collection and be enchanted by the story behind each car. Also, if you need help selling or buying your classic (to be), we are happy to help!

What makes a classic cool?

We can talk about the shape, the sound, the look, the feel, but we also know that in the end, the answer can't quite be put into words. If you want to get an idea of our favorites, take a look at our sales page and try to guess which cars really stole our hearts, or stop by and find your own words that move your classic car heart.

The Club

at Cool Classic Club

The real club feeling

The two floors not only breathe our love of classics in everything, but are also filled by classic lovers from all over the world. Whether you are daydreaming about the rolling roads you will explore with your future classic, or want to be able to work or hold a meeting undisturbed, at Cool Classic Club you will find the right atmosphere, like-minded people and opportunities. An inspiring mix, perfectly located between highway A1 and the historic fortress of Naarden.


There are several events each month, from rallies to fairs. Check out the Clubhuys page for more information and to sign up.

Top view of three Jaguar E-types as seen from the second floor
The large bar with several seating areas and delicious coffee.
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